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Golf that Melts into the Existing Landscape

Design solutions are not only tailored around golfing needs but also aim to provide significant environmental benefits.

Sustainability is achievable through hard work and through constant dialogue between good quality golf courses and the landscape. The aim is to avoid damage to the environment, and also to enhance its ecological value wherever possible, by producing the greatest variety of golfing holes possible on the site.

Golf courses should be in harmony with existing landforms, whether in heathland, parkland or moorland. The landscape is a unique heritage, and today designing a golf course that naturally sets into it is a must. Existing landforms and features must be retained and enhanced.

A sensible approach retains as much as possible of the existing vegetation, and limits the amount of earthworks. Bunkers should be used carefully and combined with a variety of other natural looking hazards.

Great importance is attached to attractive features, but never to the point of becoming mannered or monumental.

We are also very keen on after-project greenkeeping care, and tailor our solutions to the club’s resources for optimum future maintenance.

Ecological and environmental issues are gaining greater importance during the planning process, and our success in even the most sensitive environments shows what can be achieved with care.