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Our Mission: Building a Better World

We support campaigns which aim to raise awareness of the intimate link between sport and the environment / landscape / ecology. We strongly believe that a mission of golf course architecture should be to increase the importance of sustainability in construction/renovation, and to build a better, greener future. We are moving away from common golf course stereotypes of environmental impact, chemical use and water waste.


With a flexible design approach tailored to players of different levels, we believe that the role of the golf course architect can help bring the world of golf closer to young people, schools, women, seniors and modern workers’ needs. We aim to make golf more enjoyable and affordable for everyone, moving away from common golf course stereotypes of elitary game.


We support golf clubs to maximise their project resources, encourage new members, attract sponsors and tournaments. Our deep understanding of golf today and the latest golfing design standards leads us to believe that a successful renovation should be seen as a successful investment by the club