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Our Awareness Campaign

Go for a Sustainable Design and Boost your next year’s Membership

Start a renovation project with us this year and boost your membership. We will visit your course, or courses, and the club’s facilities during a two-day walkabout. We will take notes, sketches and pictures assessing the status of the course.

We will then write a short report, complete with images, sketches  and general suggestions. The report will highlight the major issues and the main areas for improvement.

A to-do list will then be prepared, together with a selection of priorities to work on and potential ‘pilot projects’. The first report will be the base for a subsequent in-depth analysis, tailored on the discovered problems and potentials. The base report will also be the catalyst to develop a long-term plan for the golf course, usually over five or ten years.

Depending on your needs we will focus our attention on different bespoke proposals:

  • General LAYOUT considerations;
  • BUNKER Renovation Programme;
  • LADIES Course Assessment;
  • Solving Health & Safety issues;
  • PILOT PROJECT for a selected group of holes;
  • Our ACUPUNCTURE Programme for targeted restoration;
  • Restoring GREENS and Green Surrounds.