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Golf Course Renovations

Start your golf course renovation today with Leeds Golf Design and save mains water!

Water conservation is increasingly becoming a key aspect of sustainability and efficient water management plays a vital role in meeting sustainability goals.

Water scarcity, regulations and increasing water cost are forcing the golf courses to consider how the course design impacts water management needs for the course. This also has a direct impact on profitability for the course. As courses incorporate efficient irrigation systems, they begin to be viewed as part of the solution and not the problem. It is clear that Golf courses can use course design for effective water management while also providing an enjoyable playing experience.

Follow our sustainable steps:

1. Golf Course Design

Golf Course Design is a key component of effective water management and it is critical to understand the natural water flow patterns throughout the site. If the design aligns the holes to take advantage of natural flows and recycle excess water, it is a good start to water management.

2. Water Conservation

Recycled water is increasingly becoming the main source of irrigation and proper storage of the recycled water is critical. If the course design provides for better rainwater collection, this is a great start towards improved water conservation.

3. Efficient Irrigation

Uniform water distribution through proper sprinkler selection, placement and operation. Inefficient irrigation can cause areas of soft and hard turf and it has been observed that fairways and greens are typically overwatered by 30 to 50 percent.

4. Maintenance

The selection of appropriate turf plays a vital role in managing the recurring costs of golf course maintenance. The type of turf will dictate the water usage, the frequency of mowing and the resources required to maintain it. Integrated control technologies that can pinpoint the source of the problem in the irrigation system as well as predict future problems go a long way in reducing maintenance costs.

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