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Our range of Services

The nowadays’s needs of the game of golf are at the heart of everything we undertake. We audit all projects against global standards, while developing bespoke strategies that drive our environmental agenda.

We offer golf architecture consultancy within a wide range of services from new course design, major renovation or targeted restoration of existing ones, plus our unique acupuncture approach always in sustainable contest.

Expertise built working internationally (UK,France, Belgium, Holland, Ireland and Italy) on ew projects and the renovation of some of the finest English golf courses and Open championship courses.

What we do

Preliminary Consulting:

Golf Course Reports & Audits

Preliminary Consulting:

Golf Course Assessment

‘Golf Course Report’ for health and safety purpose, or our consultancy service of assessment to evaluate the suitability of any golf course for women with the ‘Ladies Report’: a document from the female point of view complete with sketches and suggestions for the Club to improve women’s playability

We are accredited GEO Verifiers

Since July 2019 the team is part of GEO Foundation network as an official GEO independent verifier.

Designing new golf courses

We follow a structured approach to designing and realising high-quality golf courses, starting with a SWOT analysis and a feasibility study to investigate the proposed site. The feasibility study discusses the suitability of the land for golf, the analysis of existing landforms, slopes, soil, drainage, the constraints on design and construction, building methods, a full estimate of cost, and a programme of work.

The next stage is to draw up the initial golf course layout plan. This gives a good indication of the overall length and standard of the course and an estimate of costs.

Following this, a full set of working drawings is produced for site clearance, earth movement, drainage, preparation, seeding and tree planting. Detailed contoured drawings are produced of each green, tee, and bunker, all prepared from an accurate topographical survey. Detailed scaled drawing are designed for contractors to build the earthworks with accuracy.

We also prepare written documents to accompany the drawings, such as specifications, a bill of quantities and a tender contract. These documents explain in detail the materials to be used, the method of construction, the input of the project agronomist, and all the other information that is essential for both the construction of the course and the accurate tendering of the contract price.

We then carry out a detailed examination of tenders, and recommend the appointment of the contractor. To ensure that the construction is carried out in accordance with the proposal, we make regular visits to the site. The number of visits is agreed with the club beforehand.

Major renovation & restoration projects of existing golf courses

We conduct bespoke restoration projects on existing golf courses. Our approach is respectful, especially on historic sites. Our restoration projects begin with a briefing by the club, followed by a site visit and an analysis.

Our restorations are informed by a deep understanding of the history and geomorphology of the site, the original design philosophy and style, and by the issues that arise from our visits or that are highlighted by the club.

‘Depending on the situation, we create a detailed course plan of improvements that can be phased in to allow a smarter use of the club’s resources.’

Once the concept plan has been finalised, the detailed design will be carried out and scaled drawings will be prepared from a topographical survey to assist construction.

Whether the club opts for its own greenkeeping team and/or a selected specialised contractor, we closely follow the construction phase.

Introducing our Unique 'Acupuncture' Approach

We strongly support an acupuncture-like approach, in which earthworks are kept to the very minimum.