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Leeds Golf Design is a global, sustainable, golf course architecture firm.

Working internationally, we design new golf courses and renovate existing ones to create a high quality golfing experience.

Design Philosophy

Today’s golf needs are at the heart of everything we do. We audit all projects against global standards, while developing bespoke strategies that drive our environmental agenda.


The acupuncture approach is tailored to clients who are not planning for major renovations to be carried out all at once, or who need a very careful use of resources, and who also require avoiding major disruption to play.


Design solutions are not only tailored around golfing needs but also aim to provide significant environmental benefits.

Golf Course Renovations

Renovate and save mains water!

Water conservation and efficient water management plays a vital role in meeting sustainability goals.

Our new sustainable programme

Zero Impact Golf Course

Design solutions are not only tailored around golfing needs but also aim to provide significant environmental benefits.

Coming Soon

Since July 2019 the team is part of GEO Foundation network as an official GEO independent verifier.

"Giulia was a delight to work with throughout our project here at Castlerock”

"She has a great depth of knowledge of course design and was able to break this down to simplify it for our members to share the vision. This was done through visuals, fly through and in drawings which were all expertly produced.""

Bert Mackay
General Manager

Our awareness campaign

Go sustainable and boost your next year’s Membership

Start a renovation project with us this year and boost your membership. We will visit your course, or courses, and the club’s facilities during a two-day walkabout. We will take notes, sketches and pictures assessing the status of the course.

The R&A Women in Golf Charter

Leeds Golf Design fully supports The R&A Women in Golf Charter and is proud to be a signatory of this initiative which is very much in line with our firm’s philosophy.

Members of the EIGCA

The European Institute of Golf Course Architects represents Europe’s most qualified golf course architects. Members of the EIGCA have shown through their skill, experience and training that they are able to design and oversee the construction of golf courses to the highest standards.

Building a Better World

We strongly believe in the importance of sustainability in construction and renovation, and to build a better, greener future.